The Caledonia Club of PEI

The Caledonian Club of Prince Edward Island preserves and promotes an interest in the history, culture and traditions of Scotland, and also encourages the social aspects of all members.

The Club continues to celebrate the traditions of Scotland by holding annual events such as:

Robbie Burns Concert to honour the memory of Scotland’s beloved national poet.
Tartan Day is celebrated all over the world on April 6.
PEI Highland Games was the chief object of the Club since 1864, to encourage and practice of the Games, and thus the preservation of the customs and Manners of Scotland.
Tartan Day was established at a meeting of the Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia to “promote Scottish heritage by the most visible means: the wearing of Scottish attire especially in places where the kilt is not ordinarily worn.”
St. Andrew’s Day Dinner is celebrated in honour of Saint Andrew – Patron Saint of Scotland. Celebrations include the famed Scottish Haggis, bagpipes, speeches, toasts, songs and presentation of the Island Petroleum Caledonian Award.